How to Maintain Accuracy in High-Capacity Turbine Rotor Assembly

The machining of large turbine workpieces creates unique challenges for the power generation industry. 

High-capacity rotary tables, built for sub-micron measurement and runout inspection, are answering the call, breaking new ground for turbine rotor assembly and repair. These impressive platforms are capable of smoothly rotating turbine assemblies to confirm flatness and roundness to a sub-micron accuracy with absolute repeatability. 

However, misalignment of these platforms can lead to costly, time-consuming teardowns. 

In this whitepaper, we examine best practices for avoiding misalignment issues, including:

  1. The inspection and load capacity requirements of rotary tables.
  2. The precision thresholds it is possible to achieve with today’s technology.
  3. Which metrology and precision machining capabilities can help suppliers who make or maintain these heavy-duty pieces of equipment.